Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manufacture all of your products yourself?

Yes, all our products are made by us.

Do you keep a stock of finished products?

We manufacture the products only after receiving your order.

How much time does it take to manufacture a product from the moment the order is made?

The manufacturing process usually takes one to two days. We always try to maintain the stock information on the website as accurately as possible, but in rare circumstances an error can occur and we might be out of fabric for the item you ordered. If this happens you will be promptly notified and the total amount you paid will be refunded to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

In a nutshell, we accept online payments through PayPal and cash on delivery, but availability of different payment options depends on your country. For detailed explanation on forms of payment please visit the Ordering and payment page.

What forms of delivery do you offer?

We have multiple forms of delivery available and they depend on your country. For detailed explanation on shipping options please visit the Ordering and payment page.

Where are you located and do you have a real physical store with your products?

We are located in the city of Gradiška in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we do not have a physical store at the moment.

Is it possible to arrange a local pick up of your product?

A local pick up is sometimes possible, depending on our current location. In order to check whether a local pick up is possible, please send us a message via some of the available communication channels listed on our Contact page.

Is it possible to order a custom sized product?

It is possible to order a custom sized product. If you order a product that is larger than the ones we offer, the finished product may have one or two additional  seams. This is dictated by fabric size and we can not avoid it. After submitting your order, you will be notified as quickly as possible about these details and the price of the product.

How do I order a custom sized product?

To order a custom sized product, send us a message through our Contact page form and state which product do you wish to buy and its dimensions. After we agree on the price and other details, you will be instructed on how to pay for your order.

How do I add a product to my Wish list?

While browsing the product page, or viewing a specific product, place the mouse pointer over the product image and a hearth symbol will appear in the upper right corner of the image. Clicking the symbol will add the product to your Wish list. You can view your Wish list by clicking the ”Wish list” link in the My account menu.

Can I ship your product to someone as a gift?

Of course, we can send our products directly to someone as a gift from you. Just make sure you enter the correct delivery address and you don’t choose ”Cash on delivery” as a form of payment.

Do the materials used shrink over time?

The materials we use have minimal shrinking properties if they are maintained correctly. Shrinking is usually about 2-3% and this cannot be avoided.

How to maintain your products?

When you buy one of our products, together with the product you will receive a complimentary tag which states the product fabric composition as well as maintenance instructions.

Is it possible to return a bought item?

You can return a purchased item if you send it to our address within 5 days of receiving the package. The buyer pays the shipping costs for returning the products. After receiving the returned products, you will be refunded (the total amount of your bill minus the original shipping costs and any other costs associated with the refund process).

What should I enter in the ''Region'' field during checkout?

Although it is a mandatory field, the content of this field is not crucial to processing your order. For certain countries, the system will offer a drop-down menu with predefined regions, but if this is not the case, you can enter the name of your region, canton, municipality, or simply the name of your part of the country.